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IConsensusResolver Interface
Framework to compute the consensus for a list of symbols

For example, one can construct consensus for a set of aligned sequences in the following way: Sequence 1: A G T C G A Sequence 2: A G G C - A Sequence 3: A G G T G - Consensus : A G G C G A

In the example here, we might choose the character that occurs maximum number of times for consensus This means that consensus for characters at position 1: {A, A, A} is A, while consensus for characters at position 3: {T, G, G} is G, and so on.

This interface provides the framework for consensus generation. Implement this interface to provide different implementations for building consensus.

Namespace: Bio
Assembly: Bio.Core (in Bio.Core.dll) Version: (
public interface IConsensusResolver

The IConsensusResolver type exposes the following members.

Public propertySequenceAlphabet
Gets or sets sequence alphabet.
Public methodGetConsensus
Find consensus symbol for a list of symbols.
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